Catholic Dog

images (4)Muldoon lived in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and asked, “Father, me dog is dead. Could ya be sayin’ a mass for the poor creature’s soul?”

Father Patrick replied, “Are ye daft, man? We canna have services for an animal in the church. Go on with ya to the Baptists down the lane. There’s no tellin’ what they believe. Maybe they’ll do something for the dog.”

Muldoon said, “I’ll be goin’ right away, Father. Do ya’ think 5,000 pounds is enough to donate to them for the service?”

Father Patrick exclaimed, “Sweet mournin’ Mary! Why dint ya tell me yer fine dog was Catholic?”


Got a Bad Service? Blame Yourself

I have this belief that whatever decision you make, you should never play the blame game when things go sour or beyond your control. You should not blame other people if you don’t get what you want. And you should never blame other people if you end up getting something you don’t want.

This is so true when hiring moving services or moving professionals. You should never blame them when you get a bad service. You should never blame them when they cause damages. You should never blame them if they don’t deliver the service you wanted. And you should never blame them if they charge you for something you don’t want.

Why shouldn’t you blame them?

You shouldn’t blame them because it is you fault in the first place!

My fault! MY FAULT! Why should it be my fault?

Well, it is your fault because you hired the wrong moving company.

So how would you avoid hiring the wrong moving company? Simple. Just look for moving testimonials.

By reading moving reviews and testimonials, you’ll be able to know various things about the moving company – most of the time it would be regarding the services and the kind of service the moving company delivers to their customers.

So if you see a lot of poorly-rates reviews and testimonials, then you would know this isn’t a good company. You can then avoid bringing your business to them and also the possibility of being at the receiving end of their bad service. This would also mean that you can easily opt for reliable moving companies that would give you the kind of service you need.


Best Christmas Season Ever

Hey! How was your Christmas? This is just my curious ranting. Anyways, my Christmas was a blast! Perhaps, it is one of the best Christmas season I ever had!

First off, our company went to the beach for our Christmas party. It was an all-expense paid trip by our boss. Instead of the cold snowy winter breeze, we enjoyed warm sun, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. We went kayaking, banana boat ride, skiing and a lot of water activities, which were all paid by the company. WOW! Business must have been too good for the big boss to give such a huge HOLIDAY BLOWOUT! Best of all, he gave all of us 3 weeks’ vacation and a huge Christmas bonus.

I also went to a lot of parties, with friends, with relatives or with colleagues. I got to meet new people and enjoy the company of various individuals. I enjoyed good food, fine drinks and a lot of new delicacies I haven’t tried before.

And the gifts… I got a lot of gifts. Got a new Xbox, a new pair of shoes, jeans, shirts, a few bottles of wine and cash. I am really blessed this Christmas season and I am really, really glad I am.



Your Dream Home Could Have Structural Nightmares

termite and pest control company

Everybody has their own dream house and when finally they have found the one they are looking for, sometimes they end up forgetting something really, really important – checking out if the place has structural pests. Structural pests or more specifically termites are little white devils that would easily destroy your dream home. A lot of homeowners have experienced their dream homes into living nightmares because of termites.

It is really important to check your dream house for termites. You don’t want to waste your money on a house that would only cause you to lose more money. Termite damage is costly and it is a known fact. If you don’t know about this fact, then I would like to ask you one question. Where the heck where you living before? WERE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK!

Bear in mind that not all home sellers are honest when they are describing the condition of the house. Always assume that all of them are liars. There are plenty of instances wherein the home seller has decided to sell the house even with the presence of termites. They would just mask the damage and try to sell it like nothing is wrong with it. I haven’t met any person who became a victim of this but I have pretty much heard things like this happening before.

If you have suspicion that the house has structural pest problem, then don’t hesitate to call pest control Bellflower. It would even be much better if you bring one with you when you are inspecting the house. It doesn’t hurt to bring a professional with you.


Videos – The Primary Content In The Future

Several years in the future, internet content would no longer be the regular written content or articles that we often see in websites or blog sites. Most likely, internet content would mostly become videos – videos that would provide information, give explanation, share ideas or talk about anything under the sun. Take note, the idea using animated explainer video to spread content or message is nothing new. In fact, it is a very popular thing and many websites these days are now using videos to share to their visitors the message they want to tell them. But why would they use videos?

Using videos bring a lot of benefits that no other regular content can provide. Compared to written content it is more engaging after all people prefer to listen to video than force themselves to read an entire page of content. Moreover, videos are more interesting because videos are lively. And if regular written content is boring, videos aren’t, especially since there are many types of videos that would surely grab anyone’s interest.

Best of all, video content is more cost-effective than using regular written content. Indeed, you need to invest when you plan to use video content but if we consider the possible return of investments as well as the shareability of videos over the internet, video content is indeed better. You get to reach more people, especially if your video is shared across various forms of social media.

Another interesting thing about videos is the fact that there are various ways on how you can spread the message or tell people about what you want them to know. You can use explainer videos. There’s video animation. You can also use testimonial videos, tutorial videos and many other types of videos. Heck, as long as you can spread the message, any type of video will do!

Since videos are more beneficial to websites more and more web masters and businessmen are using videos for their content. One day in the future we might be surprised to see that videos have become the most dominating form of content over the internet.


I Like Korean Dramas

Just recently, I have been hooked by Korean dramas, which is a surprising thing since I am a guy. A straight guy!  But still, I find watching Korean dramas quite enjoyable. Maybe it is different than the usual TV soaps, especially with Mexican or Latin telenovelas that my mother loves to watch.

The problem with usual soap operas, including English ones, is their tendency to drag the story. Yes, they do drag a lot. Even if you miss several episodes, the characters and the situation of the story is still the same. Moreover, they have lots of drama lasts for years, which make the story frustrating. Then there’s their multitude of characters and the unending challenges the main characters has to face. If there’s a breath of relief or success, it would only be brief because there would be another problem that would come at their way and make the story drag longer again.

autumn16But with Korean dramas, things are different. The story is short. In fact, average number of episodes is 20 – 24, so it is possible for you to watch the entire series in one day. To be honest, I have done it already. Moreover, the story is easy to follow. It is not confusing and the plot isn’t too complicated. Some stories are refreshing and the drama is not exaggerated and too serious. Most of all, the characters are only a handful, so you can easily follow them all throughout the story.

For me personally, I like Korean dramas because Korean actresses are either pretty or cute. You see, I have a thing for Asian women and Korean actresses are really an eye-candy. Furthermore, I don’t get tired watching the characters because the characters are loveable.


Should you use engine oil additives?

Should you use engine oil additives?

Well, if you have a new car, I believe it is not that necessary… but it is also not a bad idea. Basically, it is all up to your decision whether to use oil additive or not. True, there are a lot of ads regarding engine oil additives, promising various advantages and benefits like fixing car engine or preventing leaks, but I suggest you don’t believe in everything they are saying. I am not saying engine oil additives are cannot fix engine leaks, prevent wear and tear, reduce friction, increase viscosity of engine oil or clean your engine. What I mean is that sometimes, these products are not being honest, which is why you have to be certain by doing lots of research and asking the opinions of auto mechanics.

You also need to understand that not all engines are the same. Thus, you have to choose the additive most appropriate for your car. Sometimes instead of improving your engine, using the wrong additive can instead do more harm to your car’s engine (as well as your pocket).

But if your car’s engine is old, it is highly advised to use an engine oil additive – more specifically one that improves the viscosity of the oil as well as cleans the engine. Old engines usually have a lot of carbon deposits and must have suffered a lot of wear and tear because of the years they have. With a good engine oil additive, it will further prolong the life of the engine, improve its performance and lessen maintenance problems.

In my own opinion, it is better to use an engine oil additive that can also help the environment. There are many engine oil additives that are clean and green like NOW12 engine oil.


Lying Neighbor

A judge asks a defendant to please stand. “You are charged with murdering a garbage man with a chain saw.”

From the back of the courtroom a man shouts, “You lying bastard!”

“Silence in the court!” The judge turns to the defendant again and says, “You are also charged with killing a paperboy with a shovel.”

“You tightwad!” blurts the spectator.

“Quiet!” yelled the judge. “You are also charged with killing a mailman with an electric drill.”

“You cheap son of a… ” the spectator starts to shout.

The judge thunders back, ” I will hold you in contempt! What is the reason for your outbursts?”

“I’ve lived next to that lying bastard for 10 years now, but do you think he ever had a tool when I needed to borrow one?”



Why do nosebleeds occur? I was just wondering that thing earlier while I raised my head high trying to prevent blood dripping down from my nose.

heroesAs far as I know, nosebleeds would occur due to inside or outside trauma to the nose. But as I recall, I didn’t forcefully pick my nose and no one or nothing had caused trauma to my nose that time. I was just busy doing with my work. So focused that it was my colleague who saw blood dripping down my nose.

I did some research on my own and according to the internet (God bless the Internet), repeated nose or sinus irritation can cause nosebleed. Now that could have been the reason. For the past few days, my  sinus allergies have been acting up. My sinuses are often clogged and I had to blow my nose from time-to-time. Perhaps, my sinuses have become too irritated that it decided to bleed. Strange, that is the first time it happened to me. Maybe I should see a doctor for this.


Taking Care of My AC

I want to know, is there any other way for me to take care of my AC other than relying on AC repair Boynton Beach when my AC is broken or to call for another company to maintain my cooling units? We fortunately, there are!

I did some research on my own in order to acquire the information I want. The first thing I learned was the importance of changing the filter every quarterly. If I want better performance, I should use high quality filter. This is just like oil to the car. If I want better performance to my car, then I should change the oil and use high quality oil.

I also learned the importance of protecting air ducts and checking it for leaks to avoid cool air from escaping. This is perhaps the main reason why cooling units are unable to cool inefficiently. If cool air escapes, then it would be replaced by hot air.
I should also not turn the thermostat all the way down – mistake I often do. I really thought it would help cool down the house faster, but it won’t. It would only make my AC work harder.

For AC users, it is indeed nice to know these things. Knowing how to take care of your AC will make it live longer.