Why do nosebleeds occur? I was just wondering that thing earlier while I raised my head high trying to prevent blood dripping down from my nose.

heroesAs far as I know, nosebleeds would occur due to inside or outside trauma to the nose. But as I recall, I didn’t forcefully pick my nose and no one or nothing had caused trauma to my nose that time. I was just busy doing with my work. So focused that it was my colleague who saw blood dripping down my nose.

I did some research on my own and according to the internet (God bless the Internet), repeated nose or sinus irritation can cause nosebleed. Now that could have been the reason. For the past few days, my  sinus allergies have been acting up. My sinuses are often clogged and I had to blow my nose from time-to-time. Perhaps, my sinuses have become too irritated that it decided to bleed. Strange, that is the first time it happened to me. Maybe I should see a doctor for this.


Taking Care of My AC

I want to know, is there any other way for me to take care of my AC other than relying on AC repair Boynton Beach when my AC is broken or to call for another company to maintain my cooling units? We fortunately, there are!

I did some research on my own in order to acquire the information I want. The first thing I learned was the importance of changing the filter every quarterly. If I want better performance, I should use high quality filter. This is just like oil to the car. If I want better performance to my car, then I should change the oil and use high quality oil.

I also learned the importance of protecting air ducts and checking it for leaks to avoid cool air from escaping. This is perhaps the main reason why cooling units are unable to cool inefficiently. If cool air escapes, then it would be replaced by hot air.
I should also not turn the thermostat all the way down – mistake I often do. I really thought it would help cool down the house faster, but it won’t. It would only make my AC work harder.

For AC users, it is indeed nice to know these things. Knowing how to take care of your AC will make it live longer.



Describing My Blog Myself and My Point Of View

This is my very first blog and this would be my very first blog post. I will be writing about almost everything under the sun. So, don’t expect any specific topic from my blog. Oh, also don’t try to look for any message or any hidden meaning from my blog posts because there would be none. All the things I would write here are based on my opinion and or the facts I have gathered. Most of all, I would avoid topics that would create any tension or trample upon the values of many. So feel free to complain or yell if you don’t like what I wrote.

Now let me tell about myself. I won’t disclose every personal detail about myself. All I can tell is what I think about myself and what others believe who I am. Basically, I am an introverted person, who has slight OCD. I don’t like parties, outdoors and other places where people gather. I prefer to be alone, read books, play games by myself and play with my dog. I like TV and movies. I like food. I know I am selfish but not greedy. I am frank and sometimes insensitive but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I am choosy when it comes to friends but I don’t act haughty before other people.

How about what I think about this world. Well, this world is corrupt but there’s value in it. No matter how dark and cruel society is, there’s still beauty and goodness hiding behind it. Society may be bad but I don’t feel discouraged about it. I know life is never fair so I deal with it the way I see it fit. Most of all, I don’t think too highly about this world and I have any expectations in life. I may sound dark but this is who I am.